Herbert James Draper - The Lament for Icarus (1898)

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Juliano Lopes

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Arthur John Black

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Cascading down a nearly 200 metre drop in Yosemite National Park, Bridalveil Fall is a breathtaking scene. But occasionally, when conditions permit, the magnificent waterfall is transformed into and even more spectacular sight. With just the right mix of water vapour and light, it becomes an ethereal rainbow haze that permeates the lush vegetation and dramatic rock faces around it. This spectacular phenomenon only last a few minutes, as the falling sunlight passes across the mountainous backdrop and catches the vaporised water.

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viα midwinter-tearsA Spring Fantasy (detail) - William John Hennessy, 1880 

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Raven by ~michi1

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"The Genius of Evil" by Guillaume Geefs

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