So according to Victoria’s Secret I can love my body if my waist is the size my thigh currently is, if I am 5’ 9”, if I have long slightly wavy brown or blonde hair, and if I am either white or one very specific shade of brown. Thanks for that, I’ll log that away.

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I really don’t get how anyone finds overly thin girls attractive… They look like they haven’t eaten in years… women who actually eat food are so much sexier.

I actually wished my waist and thighs were like the Dove ladies :(

While I agree beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, remember that doesn’t exclude the skinny girls. Victoria’s secret lacks diversity and that’s not cool, but don’t say that the women in the top image are unattractive because they have their specific body type. It’s rude and makes it seem horribly hypocritical when you preach about diversity. This is coming from a plus-size woman. :| Love every body, love everybody.

Zilla, let me fucking love you. 

I cannot stress this enough, I am so sick of seeing their add get so much shit just because they’re thin. So what if an attractive thin girl wants to love her body? Body shaming isn’t only limited to chubby and overweight girls, thin girls get a lot of it too. No matter WHAT size you are you should still learn to love your body. I don’t think it’s fair that they’re called unattractive because they’re thin, that’s just like people saying a woman or man isn’t attractive because they’re overweight. It’s just as bad. Why take it out on thin woman? I mean, really? It’s gotten to the point where all I see these days are “OH MY GOSH SHE’S SO THIN IT’S DISGUSTING!” Getting reeeeally tired of seeing these sort of things. Both images are gorgeous. Get over yourselves.

No. The first image is disgusting and unattractive; however, that’s due to all of the extensive editing done to their bodies. I’m aboslutely positive that every lady in that image [including the possibility of those who are just pieces and parts] is incredible in real life, but the image that Victoria’s Secret portrays— well, I have difficulty even stomaching it. The women in that image don’t exist as they are. I’m not saying there isn’t a woman in the world that looks the way those women do, or that those who do aren’t worthy or attractive, but fact is that there is some human-being equipped with a Mac and a copy of photoshop, editing, toning, recolouring, retouching and even completely re-piecing and building people from scratch. Some prick bastard is sitting in an office, right now, coming up with products, slogans, campaigns, ads, images and anything else that would convince you to buy their products in order to chase an impossible ideal, leading you to failure, eating disorders, self-hate, and self-harm. To make a point, I’m not fond of the editing in Dove’s image either. Do you really think that any of those women don’t have scars, blemishes, freckles, pimples, stretch-marks— anything? Even though Dove seems to condone diversity, they still set an impossible standard. Who has flawless skin? Anyway, to get back to the point of body positivity; I completely agree with the fact that thin men/women/etc should not be shamed, much the same way that those who are overweight should not be either. Thin people are just as beautiful as those that are average, overweight or even obese. Every one deserves respect, equality and happiness, no matter your gender, race, religion, sexual preference, past or present. Quit attacking each other already and go after the media.


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